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The Educating Newcomers podcast is divided into two parts.

Part One is an interview with Jean-Michel Dissard. Dissard, who came also came to the U.S. as a Newcomer as a high school student, spent a year at International High School at Lafayette in New York City. In the interview, Dissard reflects on what he learned from the extraordinary young Newcomers while making the film.

Part Two contains three shorter interviews. The first interview is with George Alam, a Newcomer student at Waverly Hgh School who came to the U.S. from Lebanon. The second interview is with Afnan Nagyhal, a Newcomer student from Pakistan. The third interview is with Mario Perez, Coordinator, District 214, Newcomer Center in Chicago, Illinois.

These four interviews offer different perspectives on the Newcomer experience and provide an opportunity for teachers and administrators to begin their classroom and school assessment and begin their project. I think you will find their voices informative, provocative and poignant. Enjoy.

Educating Newcomers – Part 1 (right click to download mp3)

Educating Newcomers – Part 2 (right click to download mp3)

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